It’s Down to the Wire: 20 Pages, 10 Days

Feeling a bit like Stressed Kitty right now...

I’m not one to procrastinate on anything (I promise!) but I haven’t yet been able to find the energy/time to adequately work on my public relations research proposal. Which, I now realize is due in 10 days, and I’ve only got the bare bones written down. I’m starting to see how having a full-time job and a multitude of responsibilities makes it even harder than it was as an undergrad to find the time to focus on papers and projects (which I use to think was hard enough).

Luckily, I had the idea for my paper in mind from the very beginning, and it’s only a matter of refinement and actually organizing my ideas. And, I hear that this will be one of my hardest classes in the program. Now I know why people got saucer-eyes when I told them this is my first class of graduate school!

Either way, I’m going to power through. I have this weekend and next weekend to really buckle down and get ‘er done, so that I can finally stop stressing and focus on my lovely, relaxing Western Caribbean cruise over spring break. I’ll be envisioning a deck massage overlooking the ocean, yummy tropical drink in hand, to keep me motivated!


  1. Good luck to you! I cannot wait to have these type of battles when I get into grad school in the fall! Would love to keep in touch involving school work! (Not a public relations major, but I love school nonetheless!) Great read and wonderful blog!


  2. Thanks! I really appreciate the encouragement 🙂 I’d love to keep in touch (about school or otherwise). Grad school so far has been an exciting ride, but definitely rough!


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