Grad School Lessons Learned

Well, folks, I’d say the reality of grad school has finally sunk in.

I kissed my social life goodbye a few weeks ago, when I started work on my research proposal (actually re-work). And, basically, my health and good hygiene as well (who knows what everyone at work thinks!).  But, it was all worth it, because I am finally done with a draft I can be satisfied with!

Surrounded by half-drank mugs of green tea, stacks of library books, and piles of scrawled notes–and, I should add, caffeinated to the point of sleeplessness–I’d like to share a few simple truths I’ve gleaned thus far:

  • You do your most creative thinking while driving or in the shower. And, I’ll admit that a few times this week I have done both with the intention of creating a “proposal epiphany.”
  • Sometimes when you think you understand something…you don’t. But, never be afraid to ask for help or guidance from your instructors–its better to know now than later.
  • It’s important to make some “you” time in the midst of chaos. With work, errands, “adult” responsibilities, etc., schoolwork gets crammed into the weekends and tiny bits of free time you may have during the weekdays. In order not to go insane with the stress of it, you have to take occasional breaks–even if that’s just getting up and stretching, walking the dog, or staring at something besides a computer screen.

With that wisdom shared, I can now try to get to sleep…for a wonderfully early Tuesday morning at work. Ugh.

One Comment

  1. At least you turned it in! Sit back, have a glass of wine tonight, and BREATHE!


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