America’s Changing Landscape: 2010 Census Results

As a big PR nerd, I love getting my Public Relations Tactics monthly newsletter from PRSA. It summarizes all I’d need to know about public relations management and recent statistics, and even gives great writing tips. This month’s issue is themed as “Charting Your Measurement Strategy,” which correlates with my grad curriculum (currently I’m taking “Issues Management and Crisis Communication” and “Public Relations Theory”).

I could wax poetic about some of the topics brought up in this issue, but I found something interesting that I think everyone would (or should) be interested in: the 2010 U.S. Census results. The American landscape is changing—fast—and here are the trends:

  • 223.6 million Americans identifed themselves as White/Caucasian (72%)
  • 50.5 million Americans identified themselves as Hispanic (16.3%)
  • 38.9 million Americans identified themselves as Black (13%)
  • 14.7 million Americans identified themselves as Asian (5%)

Before reading these statistics, I had no idea the Hispanic population in the U.S. outnumbered the Black/African-American population. Another statistic included was that a majority of this Hispanic population resides in California and Texas, and that a large percentage of this population includes children.

Food for thought!

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