Mo’ Classes, Mo’ Problems

Summer session at IUPUI is in full swing, which means that (in all likelihood) while you’re relaxing by the pool, I’m furiously working on class assignments. I’m a few weeks into two new online classes, “Issues Management and Crisis Communication” and “Public Relations Theory.” It’s great not having to make the trek downtown, but these two classes–while interesting and integral to my profession–have so far been very challenging to juggle with summer work-life balance. Adding to this, I may have to tack on an accounting class for the second summer session.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is one of the reasons I signed up for this Master’s program: To be challenged. At the end of all of this I want to come out with more than a degree, but confidence in my knowledge of the industry and pride in what I’ve been able to accomplish while working full-time. While it might be painful now, every class is one step closer to that goal.

It’s strange to think about, but after this summer I’ll only have eight classes left to take (or seven, if I take accounting). I think I’ll feel better then, with the end of school in sight…somewhere down there, waaaaay in the distance…

So, no more complaining! I’ve still managed to squeeze in a best friend’s wedding, and time with friends and family who have been very understanding of my workload. It’s probably better I’m not by the pool, anyway–I fry in the sun!

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