The Miami Book Fair

This past weekend, a few publicists and I got to join our events team at the 2011 Miami Book Fair. We hosted a few different booths at the outdoor fair, including:

  •   A book gallery showcasing some of our author’s books
  •  A bookstore where fair-goers could purchase the books on display
  •  Author signing booths where our authors could sign copies of their books and interact with fans
  • A corporate boothwhere we could discuss some of our book publishing and marketing offerings
A street performer on stilts walks the Miami Book Fair

The weekend had a rough start on Friday, with heavy winds and rain threatening to ruin some of the books we had set up in the booths.  Luckily, we have a superhero team of book lovers! The whole team risked getting drenched and blown away to save most of the books, and by Saturday and Sunday the fair was in full swing and skies were mostly sunny.

As always, I loved meeting some of the authors that we work with who visited the fair, and hearing about some of the projects that other authors are working on.  Street performers on stilts and famous costumed book characters walked the fair, and the book fair had some great musical performers (including a group that did violin renditions of popular rap and R&B hits).

After we wrapped up the fair, we had a few free hours before returning to Indiana. We got to have dinner at Miami’s South Beach and walk along the beach, pleasantly exhausted after four days of book-filled events. All in all, I’d say it was a success!

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