Yearly Reviews

This week, my team had our yearly reviews. It’s actually been over a year and a half since my last review, and since then I’ve switched bosses, offices, job titles, and to an entirely new group of Imageco-workers. Needless to say, I expected my review to reflect that growth and change, along with suggestions for improvement.

And, that’s exactly what I got. My (informal) review focused on my new role as Publicity Supervisor. It’s a relatively new role, and one I’m still transitioning into. I recognize that I still have a lot to learn, and that there’s plenty of room for improvement. But, I was glad to hear that my boss recognizes that I’m making strides to get there!

I also got the chance to sit in on a few reviews, and to even bring my own thoughts on performance to the table. It definitely helped me to understand the thought and reasoning that goes on behind-the-scenes. By joining in, I got a broad view of teammates’ strengths and weaknesses, and ideas on how we can improve as a team.

But, I think what really touched me was hearing from team members about how I’ve helped by being in the role I’m in now. I want to make that kind of an impact, and if I can help or provide valuable insight to any of my team members–or make their lives easier in any way–I consider that a success.

This whole review process has helped re-affirm that I’m in the right position, and that I have the “right people on the bus” (as per Jim Collins, Good to Great). I’m excited to see what we can achieve in 2012!

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