Businesses Who Use Facebook ‘Like a Boss’

Did you know that Facebook has a contest to announce the brands they think use Facebook the best? I didn’t, but I think it’s a great idea.

So, who owned Facebook this year? No surprise, according to Business Insider, companies like Oreo, Nike, and AT&T topped the awards lists. But, other less-known brands were recognized as successful by using creative ways of interacting with Facebook fans:

1. Blue Award: DraftFCB got the top prize for posting 100 ads on its Facebook page in 100 days for its 100th birthday.

  • Oreo posted 100 different themed Oreo ads over 100 days for its 100th anniversary, garnering an additional million Facebook friends and an increase in interactions of 195%.
  • The Graubunden Tourism board promised that every “like” would result in a fan’s picture being posted by the mayor of the tiny Swiss town, garnering 16,000 fans (twice the amount of town residents)
  • Turner Network TV got recognized for an intricate, 24-year timeline for the TV show “Dallas” (made for the upcoming re-make), garnering 20 million Facebook “likes”
  • Allstate created a “mayhem” timeline from the beginning of history (to coincide with their advertising slogan)
  • NikeUK created the Nike Academy, a social media football club
  • AT&T hired Will Arnett to play the “Number One Facebook Attorney” and made customizable “cases” of why kids should get new phones
  • Mustang cars provided customizable Mustangs, 1.7 million of which were created
  • AirAsia launched a contest for a free flight (along with 302 of that person’s friends)
  • Lays asked fans to create a new flavor of chip, growing sales
  • Grey Poupon created an exclusive “club” that only let certain Facebook members in based on their profiles
  • Universal Studios created customizable memes and e-cards for the movie “Ted”
  • Intel created a social media mini-series starring Topher Grace
  • Nike created a gallery for 30 years of Air Force Ones
  • Heineken gave away shirts to all purchasers of Heineken crates
  • Proctor and Gamble created a “Thank You, Mom” Olympics campaign

I think often small (and large) businesses get stumped by how they can creatively interact with fans. I think some of the ideas above are doable, but it also doesn’t hurt to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t.

What are some creative ways your business promotes its Facebook Page?

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