What I do:

I’m a freelance writer and content manager from Indianapolis (Sandy McLaughlin, LLC).


What I [used to] do: 

As a content specialist at a nonprofit offering retirement and health benefits in Indianapolis, I managed a trade magazine and annual reports, crafted marketing copy and steered social media strategy.

As a literary publicist, I placed clients in media outlets such as the Houston Press and Boston Globe. As a publicity supervisor, I worked closely with a creative team on improving marketing services and lead promotional campaigns for VIP clients.


3 Things to Know About Me:

  • I’m a ‘Hoosier’ at heart: I graduated from Indiana University in 2009 with a B.A. in Journalism and an English second major (creative writing focus). Then, I earned my M.A. in Public Relations from the IU School of Journalism in 2013.
  • I’ve caught the travel bug: That means 19 countries in my rearview, and many more on my bucket list!
  • I believe honesty is the best policy: I believe myself to be a very open, caring, honest, optimistic and intuitive person of strong moral character. I try to have a sense of humor about life, and move forward no matter what obstacles are thrown in my path.

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