Intro: How to Motivate (Blog Series)

I’ve finally started reading Amy Poehler’s autobiographical book, Yes Please. In it, Poehler begins with a brutally honest aside about how incredibly difficult writing can be with normal, daily distractions. She was barely able to finish the book while also raising two sons, undergoing a divorce and producing Parks and Recreation.

Let’s be honest with ourselves: Writing (and work in general) is not always glamorous or uncomplicated. It can be easy to lose focus when you have so many other things competing for your attention. Some days we consider it a success to feed, water and bathe ourselves and any other dependents!

This brings me to a topic I’d like to explore with you: Motivation. We can all use a little inspiration, however small, to reach our personal and professional goals. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be covering how to motivate from several different angles–how to motivate yourself, your co-workers, other writers, and your clients. I’m excited to share my thoughts, and hear yours as well.


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