How to Motivate Pt. 1: Yourself

Do you ever find yourself spouting sage advice to your colleagues, and then not taking it yourself? Sometimes we’re our own worst enemies, and therefore the hardest to motivate. Maybe life distractions are overcrowding your work, or work is becoming tiring because you’ve done the same thing for so long.

While you may be tempted to give up or move onto a different career path, consider these three tactics first to refresh your creative spirit:

  • Rediscover your hobbies: It seems backwards to add yet another distraction in your life, but sometimes stimulating yourself with a beloved activity that isn’t work-related can actually help you regain new focus when you return to a project. Taking this much-needed break can inspire fresh ideas and new perspectives.
  • Incorporate your interests into your work: When I first started seeking out freelance writing jobs, I focused on topics I enjoyed writing about. Because those topics differed so much from my full-time writing topic (finance), I found myself passionate about writing again. Not every profession allows this same flexibility, but try to find what drew you to your industry or position and incorporate more energy toward that.
  • Seek out other professionals: Particularly if you work remotely or in a small organization, setting up a meeting with a like-minded professional is a must. Sometimes it helps just to commiserate with someone who understands or bounce ideas off someone else. Seeing other people finding success in your position can be incredibly motivating!

Let’s try to be our own biggest advocates and find some fresh inspiration in the new year. Good luck!


With our everyday distractions, sometimes the hardest person to motivate is yourself.

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