[SHORT-FORM BLOG] “5 Tips for Hiring a Great Web Developer”

In many ways, handing over control of your website design to an outside company is like handing over your baby. After all, your website is often the first touch point for potential customers, and can either attract or repel future business.

Looking to create or update your website? You’ll need a web developer you trust to take your website to the next level. Here are five helpful tips to use when searching for a great web developer:

  1. Choose someone you can trust.

Whenever possible, conduct background research and check references for web developers. Once you sign a contract, you’ll be entrusting that developer to finish the job to your satisfaction.

  1. Look for a firm that has great communication.

Communication is key during the web development process. Look for a web developer who asks you questions about your organization and specific goals, and follows up before and after every stage.

  1. Find a web developer willing to collaborate.

You’ll want a web developer who takes charge, but also considers your needs and requests. If a web developer or designer creates an entire website without your input, you may become frustrated with the process or unhappy with the results.

  1. Peruse portfolios.

Review the developer’s previous work, and look for similarities in design elements you would like incorporated in your website. A good web developer will have plenty of great projects to show off their design skills.

  1. Search for a designer who has your best interest in mind.

The best kind of web developer will provide you more than just the minimum, and add value to a potential project. This person will look for ways to save you money, and ensure that you are satisfied beyond your expectations.

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