[SHORT-FORM BLOG] “Don’t Wear Your Engagement Ring to These 8 Places”

Your engagement ring is so gorgeous–and expensive!–you never want to take it off, right? Believe it or not, you’d actually be safer leaving your gem behind in several scenarios.

Here are eight places to avoid taking your new sparkler, and why:

  1. The beach: Sand can get in-between your diamond and metal setting, which could cause potential issues with your ring. Salt from saltwater can also be corrosive to some metals such as copper (and rose gold).
  2. A pool or hot tub: Just like in the ocean, the cold water of a pool can cause your fingers to shrink (making it easier for a ring to slip off). Also, the chlorine found in pools and hot tubs can damage and discolor your ring mounting or wedding band.
  3. The gym: Participating in any kind of vigorous workout can potentially reshape your ring and cause your diamond to fall out. Also, lifting weights can cause scratches—or even cracks—in your diamond!
  4. Your cleaning closet: Harsh cleaning chemicals (like bleach and ammonia) found in many common cleaners can damage the color of your ring, and your cleaning activity can also damage the stone and setting.
  5. The garden: Doing yardwork still counts as a workout, which means potential damage to your band and stone.
  6. The shower: Wetness and lathering up increases the chances your ring will fall off and end up in the drain, where the likelihood of you retrieving your ring is slim.
  7. Overseas: If you’re traveling to a tourist spot overseas, your ring may make you a target for theft. Also, being out of your routine may make you more susceptible to leaving or losing your ring.
  8. Downtown: Much like going overseas, a flashy ring may make you a target for theft in any local city.

A safer alternative is to sub your engagement ring with a cubic zirconium fake when in a place where your ring could get lost, damaged or stolen.

Originally published on MyWedStyle.com


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