[SHORT-FORM BLOG] “8 Websites to Help You Get Rid of Your Wedding Stuff”

In the process of wedding planning, you somehow convinced yourself you needed to purchase approximately 20 table mirrors, 50 picture frames, 100 mercury candles, two gilded cages and two dozen vases (half of which you didn’t even use). Now, all your leftover wedding supplies are taking up valuable space in your hallway closet.

Instead of letting your beautiful wedding items collect dust, pay it forward and share them with other future brides! You might even make back some of what you spent in the process. Here are nine websites perfect for unloading some of your bridal bounty:

  1. Give Back Box: Retailers like Amazon and Overstock have partnered with GiveBackBox.com to provide free shipping to Goodwill (and make it even easier to clear your clutter). All you have to do is pack what you no longer need into any shippable box, print out a prepaid shipping label and put it in the mail. Voila!
  2. Freecycle: If the idea of rising landfills makes you shudder, but you still want to chuck your stuff, “recycle” your items with Freecycle.org. Membership is free, and it allows you to post your free item on Freecycle’s moderated message boards.
  3. Facebook: If you to get rid of your stuff quickly—but not give it away for free—Facebook Marketplace may be a good option. Post your items for sale on Facebook’s online marketplace, and users can pay and pick up your item in-person.
  4. Craigslist: Another local sales tool (great for selling larger items, like wedding arbors) is Craigslist.org. Simply post your items for other users in your area to view and purchase. Bonus: It saves you the hassle of shipping!
  5. Nextdoor: What’s even better than gifting or selling your wedding swag to the general public? Sharing it with your neighbors! The neighborhood networking site Nextdoor.com includes a sales section where you can sell your gently used items to your trusted neighbors.
  6. Tradesy: The resale site Tradesy.com features a specific section for weddings, where you can resell everything from veils to shoes and decorations. Once your item sells, Tradesy will send you a free shipping kit complete with packaging.
  7. Poshmark: If you’re interested in unloading your wedding dress, bridal outfits or bridesmaids’ dresses, Poshmark.com is the place to visit. This easy-to-use online fashion resale marketplace reaches millions of users (who may be looking for exactly what you’re selling).
  8. Ebay: For special, small or high-end items, Ebay.com allows you to reach a widespread (or niche) international audience. Name brand items have quick and profitable turnover, and Ebay has streamlined their selling process over several years in the business.

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