Why Pension Fund

A name you can trust.

For more than 120 years, we’ve served our members true to our values of security, trust and compassion. Pension Fund relies on a solid funding formula and experienced team of investment professionals to manage and grow your retirement income. We measure our success by protecting and adding value for your retirement.

More than just a retirement provider.

One of the things that makes Pension Fund different is our commitment to be there for our members and their families during their greatest time of need—not just in retirement, but in the event of a death or disability.

Need convincing? Just ask our satisfied members and retirees. 

Our members and retirees know we practice what we preach. Pension Fund retirees and pensioners are our biggest advocates. In fact, some of our members make more money in retirement than they did during their time working in ministry.

About Us

Serving those who serve.

Pension Fund is a financial ministry that provides retirement, disability and death benefits for over 12,500 employees of Stone-Campbell and Restoration Movement ministries and organizations across the globe. As part of our mission, we successfully manage approximately $3 billion in financial assets so our members can live comfortably in retirement. Our personalized service and prudent management have one goal: to support the church and its ministry worldwide.

Committed to your spiritual, financial and physical well-being.

Sustaining those in ministry is one of the most important things we do. Ministry is a unique calling and we understand the challenges that come with it. We look out for you by providing robust retirement benefits, health care programs and financial education, so you can focus on your ministry and serving others. We offer products for every life stage—whether you’re contributing $100 or $1 million.

Why choose us?

    Our history pre-dates Social Security: Since 1929, Pension Fund’s conservative plan design has weathered market downturns, and our pension plan remains one of the highest-funded pension and retirement savings programs in existence.

   Your money stays in your pocket, not ours: We’re a ministry with no hidden investment fees or administrative charges to manage your assets. In fact, when reserves exist above what is required for current and future benefits (and for any potential market decline), Pension Fund’s board of directors may declare additional earnings—meaning more money for you in retirement.

   We worry about investments so you don’t have to: Other retirement savings programs force you to make an educated guess as to your investment pools. With Pension Fund, enrollment is the only requirement for you to benefit from our expertise and knowledge in managing your financial assets.

    Our conservative investment strategy is tried and true:  We engage several investment managers who use a “long-term opportunistic” investment philosophy with our members’ funds. This disciplined investment strategy is based on policies that govern asset allocation, liquidity requirements, sector restrictions and risk tolerance. Investment performance is closely monitored based on peer alternatives and set benchmarks.

What Makes Us Different

Guaranteed base interest rates…

Our defined contribution products offer a competitive base return rate that can’t be lower than what policy dictates (i.e., our Tax-Deferred Retirement Account base interest rate can’t be lower than 3% or greater than 6%). This reduces your downside risk and gives you peace of mind that your accounts will continue to grow, even in a tough market. While others may be losing value in their retirement accounts, you won’t.

 …and additional interest earnings that can further grow retirement funds.

All products are eligible for “Good Experience Credits” or “Special Apportionments.” These are extra earnings awarded by Pension Fund’s board of directors when reserves are sufficient to cover current and future benefits, and can make a significant difference when saving for retirement.

Copywriting excerpt from PensionFund.org

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