Officially open for business.

Website: Launched. Blog: Up and running. Door: Wide open. In need of a freelance content wizard? Look no further! Exciting things are in the pipeline. Blogs. Client spotlights. Whitepapers. Tip sheets. I want this to be more than a portfolio website, but rather a place to share some valuable tips for writers and businesses alike. I hope you’ll join me on this journey by following this blog to get future updates.


What I do: I’m a freelance writer and content manager from Indianapolis (Sandy McLaughlin, LLC).   What I [used to] do:  As a content specialist at a nonprofit offering retirement and health benefits in Indianapolis, I managed a trade magazine and annual reports, crafted marketing copy and steered social media strategy. As a literary publicist, I placed clients in media outlets such as the Houston Press and Boston Globe. As a publicity supervisor, I worked closely with a creative team on improving marketing services and lead promotional campaigns for VIP clients.   3 Things to Know About Me: I’m a…