Officially open for business.

Website: Launched. Blog: Up and running. Door: Wide open. In need of a freelance writer? Look no further! Exciting things are in the pipeline. Blogs. Client spotlights. Whitepapers. Tip sheets. I want this to be more than a portfolio website, but rather a place to share some valuable tips for writers and businesses alike. I hope you’ll join me on this journey by following this blog to get future updates. Many thanks to Annie Erling Gofus, WordPress designer extraordinaire, for the beautiful site design and support. If you’re looking for help with your WordPress site, I’d highly recommend her!

It was about time for a rebrand.

Ready to hear the motivation behind the new website? The short answer: For many women, along with wedding vows comes a name change. While some career professionals decide to keep their maiden names in some form or another, I decided to fully embrace my new identity as a McLaughlin. However, that meant also losing name recognition and an online reputation that took years to build. When once you could Google my name to view my portfolio and bylines in first-page results, I’m now ranked well below a controversial Kentucky judge and other similarly-named professionals. The timing was good for the…