How to Use Pinterest to Promote a Brand: Update

Does anyone remember my blog post about how to use Pinterest to promote a brand? Well, four months later I’m still getting pings and pins (and comments) from the post photo I pinned. How many? Oh, just 546 pins and 73 likes: Through experimenting with this, I’d conclude that using Pinterest does work with the right content…but results may take longer than you’d think!

Should You Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business?

As a very visual person, I always wanted to create collage boards of different goals, quotes, and style ideas. Unfortunately, I was always too distracted by school and other projects to ever complete one. So, imagine my delight when Pinterest first popped onto the scene (or you can read my excitement about the site back in 2011). For the past two years, I’ve used Pinterest for personal use and to “pin” articles for my work. Businesses have scrambled to use the still-burgeoning site to promote their businesses and products. Some have succeeded. Some have failed. Why has it worked for…